Below is a selection of some of my work. Feel free to download, read, and share. If you have any questions or comments regarding any of my work or if you would like to request additional samples, please email

Hello Kitty, Goodbye

A Tokyo PI has one night to stop his lover’s would-be killers from ending her life.

Lenny’s Fire Goes Out

When a powerful dragon loses his ability to breath fire, he tries everything he can to rekindle it.

Love in the Age of Space Exploration

When a love-lorn astronaut threatens to crash the International Space Station, ground control must do everything they can to stop him.

My Best Friend Charlie

Twenty-two years ago, special agent Marty Harrison lost the most wanted bank robber in America. Tonight, he will finally get the chance to say goodbye.

No, It’s Much Worse

If Brad ever finds out who wrecked his car, he’s going to kill him.