Michael Thede is a Canadian screenwriter, producer and story editor.

Originally from London, Ontario, Canada, Michael attended the University of Western Ontario where he earned a Combined Bachelor of Arts degree in Film Studies & Philosophy.

During the final year of his undergraduate program, Michael wrote his first screenplay, a mockumentary entitled, Beyond the Gaze. The film, directed by Bryan Atkinson (Clark Kent), won the award for Best Overall Impression at the 2003 UWO Film Festival. Subsequently, it also screened at Aspirations Film Festival, Films for Food and was featured as part of the closing gala at the London Canadian Film Festival that same year.

After graduating, Michael spent the next five years over-seas, living and working in Japan, Australia and South Korea, while traveling throughout most of Asia.

Upon returning to Canada, Michael enrolled in the Writing for Film & TV program at Vancouver Film School, during which time he wrote a number of screenplays, including Camilla Reinhart’s Wild Ride, which was selected for the 2009 Final Draught Reading Series.

At about this time, Michael wrote another screenplay entitled, My Best Friend Charlie. The film, directed by 2009 Women in the Director’s Chair Award-winner Katrin Bowen (Amazon Falls), stars Keith Martin Gordey (Smallville, Men in Trees) and William B. Davis (The X-Files) as a retired FBI special agent and a notorious escaped bank robber reunited 22 years after the latter’s famed disappearance.

While attending Vancouver Film School, Michael also co-wrote a number of short films, including The Substitute, co-written and directed by Jung-Soo Kang, and Outcast, co-written and directed by fellow VFS-alum Jay Bhatt.

After leaving Vancouver, Michael returned to Asia—this time to China—where he worked on a number of projects, including the animated educational series, Trailblazers, about a group of teenage friends who meet a girl from the future and must help her save her world from alien invaders.

Michael is also credited with contributing to the concept of the documentary, Clark Kent, directed by Bryan Atkinson, about a visually impaired man who brings joy to others every Christmas by transforming his home into a giant display of decorations and lights.

More recently he also wrote and co-produced the 2015 short film, Coexistence, starring Arran Hawkins and Julia Carey and directed by Michael Hough.

Michael currently lives and works in Shanghai, PRC, where he is the co-founder and editor of Eastern Independent.